You now have 6 Billion users.

Let them log into your App today, using the social profile they all have and will always use: their phone number.

Phones numbers are social by nature

Give your users the ultimate social experience,
without the need of a Social Network.

Turn every person who download your app into a registered user, friction less: no boring signup processes, no passwords to forget.
Social Graph
Engage your users with their real life friends
using the phone address book.
Coming soon.
For everybody
More than 6 billion people have a phone number. Even your granma will finally enjoy your App.
Four lines of code to copy and paste.
Or three clicks in the interface builder if typing is not your thing.
Can I have your number?
Seriously, who doesn't have one?
Because email and password are so 70s.
Let us take care of it
International numbers validation, country codes, changing numbers and plenty of tiny, nasty and hidden issues that you can happily continue to ignore.
Safe and fast
Worst case scenario: we'll ask your users to type a code at their first login. But most of them won't even ever see this step.
You pay nothing
If we need to text your user, we'll pay the bill. Focus on your App instead. Ship!
This could be you
Sincerly, we're not doing this to show a "Logged in" button. Imagine your App here.
Usual stuff
Yes, you'll get a unique user id for your application and a token to access social features and modules.
You know OAuth2, don't you?